Animal Health


Animals respond to Homeopathy and can be treated once they have been seen by a vet, whose diagnosis and recommendations we take into account.

Over the years clients have been asking for help regarding their pets, and that is how we have gained some experience with treating animals.

At the Homeopathy centre we have been able to help, when the owners did not want to continue with giving ongoing medication, or when the prescribed medications have not helped to solve the problem. For example: Upper respiratory problems, allergies or skin conditions.

If animals have been injured, Homeopathic remedies can help with pain and bruising and speed up the mending of broken bones, injured tendons and ligaments.

In some cases pets may have been traumatised by previous owners or threatened by animals in the neighborhood, causing difficult behavior. Homeopathic remedies can help to settle the nervous system and restore equilibrium.

How to go about Homeopathic treatment for animals

Where possible we like to be able to see the animal and they can be brought into the clinic.
If that is not an option we talk to the owners over the phone and find the right medicine that way.

What clients say

Like to find out if Homeopathy can help your pet?

You are welcome to schedule an appointment or ask Elisabeth a question.

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The Homeopathy Centre is operating under the umbrella organisation of Otakaro Healing Arts at 232 Fitzgerald Avenue in Christchurch.

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