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Six reasons to seek professional help for your child at the Homeopathy Centre:



Homeopathic medicines can be safely taken by pregnant women and newborn babies.

Easy to administer

Children like taking Homeopathic medicine, pillules are slightly sweet and easy to suck, or can be dissolved in water for babies.

Builds strong immune system

We see many young children at the Homeopathy Centre, who have been prone to repeated ear infections, coughs, colds or strep throats. We found that Homeopathic treatment can help them get through the infection as well as reduce the recurrence of these conditions by strengthening the immune system.

Gentle and non-invasive

Children usually love coming to the Homeopathy Centre because it offers a child-friendly environment with plenty of toys, friendly staff and the treatment is painless and none invasive. We encourage children to express themselves exactly as they feel, because that is how we like to observe them. It is part of finding the best Homeopathic treatment for their health problem.


Homeopaths offer phone contact for support. If necessary the Homeopathic practitioner who looks after your child will keep in contact by phone to get progress reports and offer advice and reassurance.


Homeopathy is affordable, Homeopathic remedies are included in the consultation. There are no ongoing hidden costs for medicines or supplements. See our Consultations page for fees.

Find out if Homeopathy can help your child.

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We are a Christchurch, New Zealand based team of professional Homeopaths working together to provide effective and affordable health care in a friendly caring environment.

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