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Homeopathy was discovered in the late 18th century, by the German physician and researcher, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He discovered, that all illnesses, regardless of the cause, are a disturbance in the “vital force” of the patient. This energetic or vibrational quality of the body’s “life force” is also recognised in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is known as “Chi”.

Hahnemann and his fellow physicians, demonstrated, that most chronic and acute illnesses could be cured by restoring the “vital force” of the patient. The healing is done by the body’s inherent ability to repair and heal its self.

In order to restore the energy forces in the patient, Hahnemann gave diluted and potentised medicines which were precisely matched to the patient’s symptoms. He prescribed potentised micro dilutions from plant, mineral and animal sources.

The efficacy of potentised homeopathic medicine is frequently questioned by sceptics and scientists, who analyse Homeopathy with biochemical measurements. More recent research has shown the existence of nanoparticles, in diluted homeopathic medicines, capable of producing a biological response. For further information on Homeopathic research visit www.homeopathic.com
Today approximately 3500 substances are used in the manufacture of Homeopathic medicines. The best results are achieved when a qualified, Homeopath is able to skilfully match the symptoms of the patient with the symptom picture of a proven Homeopathic medicine. The consultation process requires openness and commitment from the patient to help the Homeopath understand the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Over the past 200 years, Homeopathy has been widely practiced in the UK, India, USA, Germany, South Africa, and more recently also in Japan and South America. New Zealand has four Homeopathic Colleges and qualified Homeopaths are available in all the main centres. There is a Homeopathic Pharmacy in Wellington, Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty. For more information visit www.homeopathy.co.nz

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Take the time to visit the Homeopathy Research Institute website for a list of comprehensive FAQs.

If you have any further questions regarding Homeopathy treatment, you are welcome to schedule an appointment or contact Elisabeth to ask a question.

"A great diversity of strength lies hidden in these plants themselves, whose external features we have long known, but whose souls, we have not yet perceived." — A. von Haller

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