We are a team of professional Homeopaths, working together to provide effective and affordable health care in a friendly caring environment.

Welcome to the Homeopathy Centre

No matter what state of health you are in you can improve it. Homeopathy taps into the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

At the Homeopathy Centre we get great satisfaction and encouragement from the results we have achieved with homeopathic treatments over many years.

We work together as a team to solve complex cases.


Over the years, we have seen people with health problems where orthodox medicine has very little to offer. We help many people who prefer natural, holistic treatments, rather than drugs or surgery.

In situations where medication cannot be discontinued or when surgery is necessary, Homeopathy can be used alongside other treatments, to strengthen the body’s vitality and healing capacity.
The prescription of a Homeopathic remedy is based on the patient's individual symptoms as well as on the basis of a medical diagnosis.

Chronic pain, chronic fatigue or any illness which do not have a name or a specific causation, can be helped with Homeopathy, by stimulating the body's own healing mechanism.

Elisabeth Fink, Registered Nurse (Germany), Reg. Classical Homeopath

30 years experience in Homeopathic practice

General Health

Chronic tiredness or pain, sleeping problems, headaches and migrains, ongoing sinusitis/allergies, irritable bowl syndrome.

Mental Health

Anxiety/depression, social fears and phobias, eating disorders, psychosomatic illnesses.

Women's Health

Hormonal imbalances in menopause, period pains, pregnancy/morning sickness, postnatal depression, ovarian cysts, excess bleeding.

Children's Health

Ear infections, recurring coughs and colds or brochitis, skin eruptions, eczema, molluscum, warts, babies - reflux/colic, nappy rash.

Men's Health

Stress related problems, hypertension, irritability, lack of motivation/energy, sports related injuries, sexual dysfunction.

Animal Health

At the Homeopathy Centre we have helped animals with respiratory problems, skin eruptions, allergies, injured or traumatised pets.

What can I expect from Homeopathy?

Successful Homeopathic treatment usually requires monthly appointments over a 3-6 month period, where the different layers of the illness are being addressed. As a result, patients have reported a renewed sense of well being and optimism, while the physical and emotional/mental symptoms have reduced gradually and long term. Some symptoms may return after a period of time, especially during times of stressful events in daily life. Repetition of the medicine is usually required to restore a healthy equilibrium.

Long term conditions require a number of appointments over a period of a few months. After you have taken the Homeopathic medicine, the body starts its own healing journey. This process does require a time frame, which depends on the severity and complexity of the current illness, as well as past illnesses and family history.

Homeopathic medicines can help speed up the healing process in sports injuries, accidents or short term illnesses like caughs colds, bladder infections and others.

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Homeopathy Centre

We are a Christchurch, New Zealand based team of professional Homeopaths working together to provide effective and affordable health care in a friendly caring environment.

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